Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Perhaps I should add Charnvit's name....

(24 กันยายน 2549)

perhaps I should add Charnvit to the list in the last line of a previous topic?

For over a year the campaign against the so-call 'relocation of Thammasat' had used the image and the sentence of Sanya Thammasat whom they call 'Man of the Land' (translation: Man of His Majesty the King)

For over a year the whole campaign was full of tacit pro-Royalist ideological discourse.

Charnvit even at one point accused the uni administration of action 'inappropriate' (to HM) ("การกระทำที่มิบังควร")

And, need I remind everyone, who was on top of the letter of protest of that campaign, but Prawet Wasi?

It seems somebody is fond of providing 'comfort' to serious mistakes in the name of 'civility' and 'respect' for the 'academic'/'people sector' community.
Perhaps to keep the adoring audience happy?

What is this 'community' anyway?
What is its rationale?
What makes it compelling to belong to it, so compelling that one should keep one's eyes shut to such mistakes?