Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Call for 'civility' and 'respect' is just a bad excuse for not admitting one own's mistakes.

(24 กันยายน 2549)

In the context of recent political development among the so-called 'people sector'

"call for respect and civility in the exchanges of opinions"

is nothing more than bad excuse for not admitting one's own political mistakes.

perhaps people who've made this call should start by showing some 'civility' and 'respect' for elective politicians who got big majority support of our fellow citizens.

WHEN was the last time the pro-Royalist opinions among the 'people sector' academics/activists got criticized by fellow 'people sector' activists?

WHEN was the last time ANYBODY among them criticize, e.g., people like Prawet or Thirayut, who PUBLICLY and INCESSANTLY produce pro-Royalist tracts?

(or, though not as often but equally significant nonetheless, people like Kasian or Nidhi, not to mention Jon Ungphakorn himself)